Professional Makeup Artist Eilish Moran is passionate about her work and is as much at home working with Ireland’s leading catwalk models, as she is helping a bride prepare for one of the biggest days of her life.

The Galway native’s love and passion for her job and her awareness of the positive impact makeup can have on a ladies self confidence began long before she even realised such a profession existed.

As a young girl Eilish would sit and watch as her mother transformed her look in front of her dressing-table mirror, enhancing her natural beauty and giving her an added sparkle as she prepared for a night out.

Following extensive study at the International School of Makeup Artistry Galway, Eilish honed her skill and her own unique technique to make every client she works with, feel as special as the first, to open her eyes to the power of good makeup.

Today Eilish concentrates on using the best products available, to draw attention to the natural beauty in all her clients.

“Makeup isn’t about women feeling they have to cover their face in product, it is a tool they use to enhance their own natural beauty giving them confidence in who they truly are,” she says.

“I love my job and I love meeting new clients and creating the perfect look to suit them. I love when they see themselves afterwards, see how happy they are and the confidence it brings them. I take great pride in my work and create high standards for myself.”